empty-teacups asked:

hey:) i saw your post but it was like 4 days ago or something so i hope its still valid. its okay if not, but if it is can you recommend some really good crack exo fics and some seho? thank you soo much in advance:) have a nice day:))

kaibuns answered:

hello, child! 

list of seho fics that i recommend: 

as the smoke clears (watch as ashes fade away) - i love how it’s written so simply and it helps that the plot is uncomplicated too. The fic just flows so easily. 

desultory - a disbandment fic that leaves you aching and hurting at some point. 

list of crack fics i recommend 

hey i just met you and this is crazy (selu side! jongkey) - a personal favorite and the smtown inserts…GOLDEN.  

getting layd  (fanxing) - well-written and hilarious

cataclysmic and confected (xiuhan) - must freaking read. i love the relationship between lu han and kyungsoo and kris and chanyeol. also very well-written. 

take your dog for a walk (even if you don’t have one) (selu) - good plot, gives you an idea on how unrequited love works and captures how love goes down in real life. 

oh sehun, awkward kid extraordinaire (sekai) - i have read this for over 20 times because it gives all these happy vibes. 

*btw, these fics aren’t crack as in full on crack, these are the humor/comedy fics i find hilarious af.*

ENJOY, reader.

love, alecs. x