kyungsoo: so the thing i want to say is
kyungsoo: isn’t minseok hyung really cute when he talks?
fans: wahhhhhhhhhh
minseok: oh… d.o.-ssi…
chanyeol: d.o.-ssi… copies him really well
kyungsoo: when i saw that…
minseok: i burst out laughing! when i saw your impersonation of me
kyungsoo: he was so cute…
chanyeol: show us~
kyungsoo: when you look at minseok hyung’s mcing, his voice tone goes up a lot
kyungsoo: first, he reads like
'yes~ 2pm sunbaes~'
fans: LOOOOL
chanyeol: do the did you buy them food?
'junho sunbaenim'
'did you buy them food?'
kyungsoo: it was so cute…
kyungsoo: minseok hyung and i laughed a lot in the car
chanyeol: that’s right~
chanyeol: i laughed too
minseok: why’d you laugh
chanyeol: because it was funny